Ocasio-Cortez’s SOTU guest, elevator girl, tells press she felt so ‘sad’ to have to be in same room as Justice Kavanaugh

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Ana Maria Archila, from the George Soros-backed Center for Popular Democracy, was invited to the State of the Union by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and came away with a case of the sads Tuesday night.

The self-avowed democratic socialist lawmaker and her guest appeared on MSNBC — where else, right? — after President Donald Trump’s uplifting address to the nation, and Archila said she was “sad” to see Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at the SOTU.

Archila’s claim to fame is that she is one of two activists who confronted Jeff Flake, the weak-kneed former Republican senator from Arizona, as he exited an elevator.

Flake, a fierce Trump critic, then called for a one-week delay in the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Kavanaugh to allow for an FBI investigation of allegations from Palo Alto University professor Christine Blasey Ford that she was sexually assaulted by the judge some four decades ago in high school.

Prompted by anchor Brian Williams to respond to “being in the same room” as the new Supreme Court justice, Archila, who was born in Columbia, was clear that due process has no meaning to the left when it comes to pushing a political agenda.


“It was sad. I am sad that the Supreme Court is tainted by a process that put someone accused of sexual assault in the highest court in the land,” she replied. “I think he represents in many ways the inability of many politicians to actually understand that their role is to govern by listening and to actually allow themselves to be moved by the experiences of people that are different from them, who are trying to, with their stories, educate them.”

“And in many ways, I feel sad for the many decisions that Kavanaugh is going to make that will impact many, many people, millions of people, my children, probably.”

While it’s not clear what her immigration status is, Ocasio-Cortez said of Archila in a speech in October that she’s “putting everything on the line and risking deportation,” which would suggest that the activist is an illegal alien.

As for Ocasio-Cortez, when she was finished high fiving the air…

The Bronx dimwit lived up to her billing in offering a nonsensical response to the president’s speech, which was described by some senators as “historic.”

“I think that the president was unprepared. I don’t think that he did his homework,” she told MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow. “You know, we’ve seen states of the union addresses delivered by many presidents, Democrat and Republican. They almost always have substantive policies that are offered. I agree with Sen. [Amy] Klobuchar that there was no plan. There was no plan to address our opioid crisis, there was no plan to address the cost of health care, there was no plan to increase wages.

“I had to ask myself, is this a campaign stop or is this a state of the union?”


Ocasio-Cortez gets a lot of push back from the right, in large part because the liberal media adores her and gives her a national platform at will, but conservatives should instead do all they can to ensure the nitwit keeps talking, because the more she says, the more she exposes herself as an empty vessel.


Tom Tillison


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