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Dems slam Bernie Sanders for ‘upstaging’ a black woman by giving his own rebuttal to SOTU

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Dems are trashing Bernie Sanders for delivering his own rebuttal to President Trump’s State of the Union address. (File photos)

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After stealing the 2016 primary elections from him, the Democrat Party now wants to silence liberal Senator Bernie Sanders. Why? Because leftists believe that an experienced white man should sit quietly in the background while they elevate unknown politicians like failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams ― simply because she’s a black woman.

As BizPac Review reported, the Democrat Party chose Abrams to deliver its rebuttal to President Trump’s SOTU address tonight.

Outside of Georgia, nobody knew who Abrams was before she shot to fame for stubbornly refusing to concede her gubernatorial election to Republican Brian Kemp in November 2018. But why let lack of qualifications muddy group race-baiting?

Democrats Play Race Card, Even to Other Leftists

To underscore how quickly Democrats turn to race-baiting in order to undermine anyone they disagree with, leftists dragged Bernie Sanders on social media, suggesting he’s a racist for broadcasting his own State of the Union rebuttal on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

You can say a lot of things about Senator Sanders, but being a racist is not one of them. But why bother with facts when you have a narrative to push in order to destroy someone?

All this divisiveness is great news for Trump, because it shows how fractured the Left actually is beneath their fake demeanor of unity.

This does not bode well for Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, should he choose to run. Apparently, his party has already made up its mind that it wants a minority female to be its nominee.

P.S. – The Sanders response is *AFTER* (not during) the official Democratic response by Stacey Abrams. So where’s the “upstaging?”


Dems’ Bigotry of Low Expectations for Minorities

When you think about it, the people who are attacking Sanders for trying to “upstage” Stacey Abrams are the real racists.

They’re saying that a black woman (one they consider highly qualified) would be easily upstaged by someone simply because he’s a white male. So who’s the real racist here?

Meanwhile, here’s a little background on Abrams: She did not have a national profile until November 2018, when she refused to accept the reality that she had lost her gubernatorial race to Republican Brian Kemp, who led by a healthy margin.

Abrams was presumably inspired by Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum — the failed Democrat mayor of Tallahassee — who refused to concede to Republican Ron DeSantis.

Abrams Had No National Profile Before November

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida slammed Gillum and Abrams, saying their denial of reality was “undignified.”

Gaetz said the refusal of Democrats Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams to concede after losing their elections was shameless grandstanding to become famous. Both Gillum and Abrams were unknowns before their election debacles.

“Whether it’s Stacey Abrams or Andrew Gillum, where they are trying to enhance their celebrity by not conceding — that’s not really good for democracy,” Matt Gaetz said.

Speaking of racist, keep this in mind: Imagine if a Republican politician had worn blackface or a KKK hood when he was 25 years old.


No matter how many rebuttals Democrats give to President Trump’s SOTU address, it’s going to be epic. Just use last year as a reference.

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