Cleaning house: Trump golf club fires a dozen illegal immigrants as part of crackdown

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The Trump National Golf Club in New York fired a dozen illegal-alien employees.

The Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, New York fired a dozen employees amid revelations that they were illegal immigrants.

President Trump’s son, Eric Trump, said the housecleaning was part of a move to crack down on illegal immigration. Some of the illegals had been longtime employees of the golf club.

“We are making a broad effort to identify any employee who has given false and fraudulent documents to unlawfully gain employment,” Eric Trump told the Washington Post. “Where identified, any individual will be terminated immediately.”

Media Rip Trump for Practicing What He Preaches

Illegal aliens are a source of cheap labor, which is a key reason why many liberals (and some conservatives) don’t want to build a wall to stem the tsunami of illegal immigration.

Predictably, the left-wing Washington Post and the liberal peanut gallery on Twitter blasted President Trump, saying he was being a hypocrite for employing illegals while cracking down on the border crisis.

The Washington Post torched Trump for doing what millions of liberals do every day. “They didn’t care [about immigration status],” a former manager told the Post. “It was, ‘Get the cheapest labor possible.’”

Now that Trump is trying to practice what he preaches, the media criticize him anyway — which is why it’s best just to ignore them. Or better yet, sue them into submission the way First Lady Melania Trump has been doing.

Illegals Used Fake Green Cards

Meanwhile, the illegal immigrants who work at Trump’s golf club in New Jersey should probably prepare to get fired also.

As BizPac Review reported, two housekeepers who used fraudulent green cards and Social Security numbers to stay employed at the club hired a lawyer and claim they’re the victims.

Their lawyer claims the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ, provided the housekeepers with the sham green cards so they could stay in the US illegally. The ladies claim they came forward in order to shine a spotlight on Donald Trump’s hypocrisy.


In so doing, the housekeepers admitted that they committed immigration fraud by using fake green cards — on top of entering the US unlawfully.

For the record, illegal aliens who knowingly using fake documents could be fined, jailed, and deported. Self-deportation to own Trump! Great job.

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