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Turns out, Roger Stone has a famous neighbor. And yeah, he was pretty blown away by the raid too

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What a small and crazy world we live in.

Just when you thought an action-packed Friday couldn’t get any stranger, along comes a tweet that blows just about everyone away.

Soon after news broke that Trump ally Roger Stone was indicted on seven process crimes, and footage of the overly-dramatic pre-dawn raid on his home swept the internet, folks glued to Twitter learned that Stone has a famous neighbor.

Former NFL receiver Chad Johnson, aka Ochocinco, tweeted about the raid near his Fort Lauderdale home saying he’s ‘only seen crazy sh*t like that in movies.”

Yeah, the same goes for the rest of us!

While Johnson didn’t add any more to his observation, the coincidence of him being Stone’s neighbor made for much needed Twitter hilarity after an intense morning:

Some wanted him to dish more, and thought he’d be the perfect guy for it:

2019 is going to be wild.


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