George W. Bush delivers pizza to his security detail with a message about shutdown

George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush made a public call to both parties to come together and end the government shutdown.

In an Instagram message on Friday, Bush pledged his support and gratitude to all of the “unpaid” workers affected by the standoff. The former US president completed the message with a photo-op as he brought pizza to what is presumably his own Secret Service team.

Too bad he didn’t bring burgers and fries. We might have seen the left-wing media flip out all over again. Oh, wait … nevermind… he’s not Trump.

The reactions to Bush’s good deed PR stunt were mostly positive, many calling him a “good man” with a big heart. Some people used the opportunity to bash Trump. Others made fun of the Secret Service crew for looking out of shape. Yikes. People are harsh!


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