Acosta insults Gorka in White House briefing room, gets his butt handed to him: ‘You are a d**khead’

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CNN’s Jim Acosta got a public verbal beating from former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka in a stunning moment at the White House Briefing Room.

The CNN White House correspondent’s apparent attempt to humiliate Gorka backfired as he was leveled with a barrage of insults, culminating with being called a “d*ckhead” Thursday.

Gorka, a Fox News contributor  just launched “America First” on Salem Radio Network, spoke about the verbal clash in an interview with talk radio host Mark Levin on Friday. Acosta, who temporarily lost his White House press pass in November for his antics, allegedly sniped at Gorka as he stood inside the Briefing Room Thursday, awaiting a private meeting with the president.

“I’m minding my own business right at the entrance of the White House briefing room,” Gorka said, describing the moment Acosta entered the room. “He grabs me by the arm, and says ‘You shouldn’t be here, this place is for real journalists.'”

“In front of everybody in the press briefing,” he added.

Gorka recounted how he then berated the reporter by shouting, “Abilio ‘Jim’ Acosta, you are a d*ckhead!”

Acosta later responded to a tweet noting Gorka’s reference to his Hispanic first name.

When Acosta made his remark, Gorka was with Salem host Mike Gallagher and Sirius Patriot XM host David Webb who confirmed the incident.

“I was right next to Sebastian and he reported accurately what Acosta said. Acosta was serious and condescending,” Webb told The Daily Caller.

Gorka noted how Acosta did not approach him again and “hid” for the remainder of the time.

“For the next 40 minutes, he hid in the back and didn’t come out as I was right by the exit, until I went to the Oval Office,” he told The Daily Caller, slamming Acosta as “definitely not a journalist.”

“Jim Acosta is actually worse than anyone imagined. He’s definitely not a journalist, and he is clearly a cowering coward,” he said. “I just feel sorry for anyone who is in the White House pool with him and know he is hated by all the actual journalists in the White House.”

Gallagher recalled the “incredible experience” in a follow-up interview with Gorka on his show Friday, recounting the incident as an “eyewitness” to when Acosta made his remark.

“And then he walks away, like a hit and run. At first I thought maybe they’re friends, in a weird kind of alternative universe, but I looked at Acosta’s face and he wasn’t joking.” Gallagher said, noting the reporter then “scampers” away from Gorka who continued to berate him using his real first name.

“You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Sebastian Gorka bellowing in the White House press briefing room, ‘Abilio!'” he said, adding that the incident showed “this guy is every bit as classless and unprofessional and is a world-class jerk as we suspected he was.”

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