Iraq veteran sets record straight for leftists who believe Trump ‘punished’ troops by denying them Pelosi’s presence

Conservative radio host Jesse Kelly imagined how American troops overseas felt about news that Rep. Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic cohorts would not be visiting with them after all.

The Iraq War veteran and former GOP congressional candidate tweeted that American troops were likely “laughing and high-fiving” after learning that President Trump would not allow the Democratic delegation to use a military jet for a planned trip to Afghanistan to visit them.

Kelly, who hosts a radio show on Houston’s KPRC, weighed in on the president’s letter to the House Speaker Thursday, informing her that her “excursion” was being “postponed” due to the government shutdown.

The president’s letter followed the California Democrat’s own letter to Trump suggesting he delay his State of the Union address until the government full re-opens.

Kelly called out those justifying the trip that included a stop at the war zone.

Hillary Clinton’s former spokesman made himself the target of mockery with his take on the fallout from Trump’s decision to ground Democrats. Clinton’s former deputy national press secretary, Jesse Ferguson, lamented the cancellation of the trip in a tweet on Thursday.

“Trump punishes troops in Aghanistan b.c. his ego is hurt,” Ferguson wrote.

Echoing Kelly’s view, Twitter users unloaded on Ferguson, mocking the idea that American troops were going to suffer by not having Democrats visit.

Kelly and others doubled down on the idea that American service members were probably grateful that the trip was cancelled.

For many, the cancelled trip was really a gift for the troops in disguise.

Frieda Powers


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