‘I’ll be damned’: Ted Cruz is sporting a whole new look and libs are beside themselves

We can’t have Sen. Ted Cruz become more appealing to the eye … at least that’s the take if you’re a conservative-hating leftist.

Liberals are beside themselves over the Texas Republican’s new, suave look that may say more about how shallow the left is than it says about Cruz’s facial hair.

Or, perhaps, it the fact that they’re forced to admit that Cruz looks pretty damn good sporting a beard that’s bothering them so much.


Esquire managing editor Ben Boskovich wrote an entire article on the now-bearded lawmaker.

“Clean-shaven, Ted Cruz might have the most upsetting face in politics,” he opined, before eventually getting around to admitting that he likes the beard.

“See, the thing about this beard is that it’s f*cking endearing, man,” he wrote. “It’s salt, it’s pepper, it’s still a bit patchy, but good Lord, he’s trying. And you can tell he’s trying. And it beats the alternative so, so badly that suddenly, on this 12th day of December 2018, you’ve found yourself rooting for Ted Cruz.”

The problem Boskovich has is that it’s harder to hate the new and improved Ted Cruz.

“Usually, you hate this guy the moment you lay eyes on him,” he said. “Now—and again I hate to say it—he kind of looks like a dude I’d love to share an ice cold Miller Genuine Draft with.”

But he wasn’t alone, as seen when Slate wrote that “Cruz showed up in the Senate with a filled-out salt-and-pepper beard, giving his face a defined jawline and its first-ever hints of ruggedness and affability.”

“A marginally less insufferable mug has arrived,” wrote Christina Cauterucci.

Of course, being politics there was a counter argument that “his ‘semi-hotness’ is not because of the beard but because infamous pencil-neck geek Ted Cruz has obviously hit the gym and is getting swole.”


In the end, there was a clear love-hate thing going on here, although it’s possible that Ted Cruz’s beard “is bringing us all together,” as social media user Allie Beth Stuckey tweeted.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:


Meanwhile, Cruz doesn’t seem to mind the attention:

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