Bette Midler knows who’s to blame for all the fighting over stuff on Black Friday. It’s ok, she has a solution.

Bette Midler just can’t seem to keep her increasingly radical liberal views to herself.

On Black Friday, a day widely viewed as a triumph of capitalism, the liberal actress/recording artist went on the offensive against corporations over the wages unskilled workers are paid.

“And how was YOUR Black Friday?” Midler tweeted. “No injuries, I hope! It’s incredible that we have to fight over STUFF. If there were a DECENT minimum wage, or if workers were treated fairly, and got a tiny portion of the kinds of salaries and bonuses CEOS pay themselves, we wouldn’t.”

The irony here being that Midler, who was forced to apologize in October when she tweeted that women are “the n-word of the world,” has a net worth somewhere around $230 million and she wants to lecture others on what they earn.

All of which makes one wonder just how “tiny” a portion of her own earnings are being shared with the less fortunate.

The tweet is a change from her typical anti-Trump tripe, be it blaming President Trump for the recent attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue or taking a disgusting dig at first lady Melania Trump.

One recurring theme online in response to Midler’s uniformed Black Friday tweet was how out of touch liberal elitists actually are.

Here’s a sampling of other responses from Twitter:

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