No respect! Judge Pirro threatens to cut Chris Hahns mic for doing exactly what Acosta did to POTUS

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro was in no mood for liberal nonsense on Saturday’s show, threatening to cut the microphone of Democrat operative Chris Hahn.

In a discussion of the highly questionable actions taking place in South Florida after Tuesday’s election, Hahn did what Democrats do, which is ignore reality and create a self-serving narrative that advances their agenda — except that Pirro is unlike most in that she will not allow her show to be used as a platform for liberal propaganda.

“Something is not right in Broward County and they need to get to the bottom of it, wouldn’t you agree?” asked panelist Katrina Pierson, senior adviser to Trump’s 2020 campaign.

With judges ruling on two separate occasions that local officials are violating the law by avoiding transparency and Broward County’s rich history of election troubles, and the fact that 65 other Florida counties reported results without controversy, surely we can all agree on this.


“This is a nice made-up scandal, Katrina, to distract from the president’s miserable defeat on election night last week…” Hahn replied, in what was shaping up to be an effort to pivot away from the shenanigans happening in Florida.

(With the votes STILL be counted days after the election breaking 70/30 in favor of Democrats, there are few, if any objections from the party faithful.)

Pierson shot back that his assessment that President Trump had a bad night was “laughable,” as Pirro tried to interject to set the record straight.

But Hahn refused to yield the floor, talking over both of them.

Chris…stop!” Pirro finally said. “I am going to pull your mic Chris…when I tell you to stop, I want you to stop!”

The Fox News host then pointed out that while the Republican Party lost the majority  in the House on Tuesday, the traditional losses an incumbent president’s party realizes in midterm elections were much smaller than what was seen when Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were in office.

And the GOP added to its majority in the U.S. Senate.

Hardly a “miserable defeat.”

And while Hahn babble on about gerrymandered districts, Pierson noted who really had a miserable night.

“The fact is, Democrats severely under-performed in an election where 88 percent of the nightly news coverage was negative towards Republicans, towards the president. They were supposed to gains seats and they failed miserable.”

Tom Tillison


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