Baby bear’s heart-pounding struggle to scale snowy cliff a lesson in persistence for anxious Republicans

For Republicans antsy about the outcome of Tuesday’s midterm elections and the possibility of Pelosi and Co. retaking control of the House of Representatives, a very timely video surfaced to convince them to never give up hope.

The inspirational video shows a small cub struggling to keep up with a mother bear, who’s scaling an icy ridge. Again and again, the cub climbs toward the top only to slide back down. Viewers can’t help but look on breathlessly as the drama plays out.

The poor mother bear looks on helplessly as the determined cub fights to overcome an otherwise unpleasant fate, her anguish apparent for all to see.

At one point, the cub is within an arms reach of its mother, who tries to grab it, but she missed and the little guy slide further down than before.

The scene takes place in the Magadan region of Russia on June 19, according to the Daily Mail.

One thing is certain, social media users were fully invested in the outcome of the high cliff thriller!

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

As with anything these days, there was some controversy over what role, if any, a drone recording the incident may have played in creating the danger.

Tom Tillison


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