Florida Democrat’s ‘Trump chicken’ stunt at gubernatorial debate ends up a colossal fail

Borrowing from liberals across the pond in Great Britian, who greeted President Donald Trump with what was advertised as a “giant Baby Trump blimp” that failed to gain as much altitude as hoped in ridiculing the president, Florida Democrats rolled out the inflatable Trump Chicken.

…which also sprung a leak, metaphorically speaking.

The inflatable chicken that mimics President Donald Trump’s looks made an appearance at last week’s gubernatorial debate between Republican nominee Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum, the Democrat nominee.

Intended to mock Trump and DeSantis, who earned the president’s endorsement, at the debate, the campaign was quickly deflated.

Turns out, if you want to inflate a giant chicken you need to have permission.

It also helps to be in the right location, as police informed the hapless Democrats they were on the wrong campus, having set up on the Nova Southeastern University campus across the street from the Broward College campus, where the debate was taking place.

“We should have asked permission,” Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Kevin Donohoe told the Sun Sentinel.

The Trump chicken was originally designed by Seattle artist Casey Latiolais and has appeared in Washington, just south of the White House and San Francisco, to name a couple of places.

The worst part about last week’s failed effort is that Democrats in the Sunshine State plan to have the giant inflatable chicken follow DeSantis around to henpeck him over his stance on health care, the newspaper reported.

“It’s starting today and it will follow him around until Election Day,” Donohoe said.

But then, being bankrupt when it comes to tangible ideas that may appeal to voters, using blow up devices to distract voters may seem like a good alternative.

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Tom Tillison


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