‘It’s catchy’: Alisyn Camerota can’t deny President Trump’s midterm slogan is a REALLY good one

In a rare unfiltered moment of honesty, CNN host Alisyn Camerota admitted that Trump’s got at least one thing right.

Not one to give the President an inch, it was borderline shocking to hear the ‘New Day’ host say that Trump’s slogan for the midterms is a really good one.

“That slogan that he’s come up with. Republicans are for jobs, Democrats are for mobs. That’s a good one,” Camerota began.  “That’s a good one! I mean, it’s catchy, it, it conjures up, you know, violence,” she continued before being interrupted.

While Camerota gave credit to Trump for the slogan, she and the panel went on to slam Trump for everything from violent rhetoric to misleading Americans on jobs.

Camerota was certain to clarify the meaning of her praise, by stating voters need to be “critical thinkers” to get passed the catchy slogans.


In the meantime, #JobsNotMobs does seem to be taking off. And thanks to Camerota’s inadvertent shout out, just drew more eyes to it.




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