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McConnell confirms Senate will hold Kavanaugh vote this week. Here’s the plan …

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling for an end to the “endless delay and obstruction” of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, announcing the Senate will vote this week on his Supreme Court nomination regardless of the stunts by Democrats.

As the FBI works toward a close of its latest investigation into multiple sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh by Friday, McConnell addressed the issue on the Senate floor Monday.

In a scathing rebuke of Democrats, the Kentucky Republican accused them of seeking a “totally unbounded fishing expedition of indefinite duration” into the accusations against Kavanaugh in order to “delay this matter past the election” as he promised the vote would go through this week anyway.

“They’re committed to delaying, obstructing, and resisting this nomination with everything they’ve got. They just want to delay this matter past the election. That’s not my supposition, Mr. President. That’s their plan,” McConnell said, at one time comparing Senate Democrats’ behavior to Mccarthyism.

“Their goal post keeps shifting. But their goal hadn’t moved an inch, not an inch. The goal has been the same all along,” he continued.

“And so let me make it very clear. The time for endless delay and obstruction has come to a close,” McConnell said.  “Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination is out of Committee. We’re considering it here on the floor. And, Mr. President, we’ll be voting this week.”

Democrats who insisted on an FBI investigation into the multiple, decades-old allegations against Kavanaugh from his high school and college years, continue to call for expansion of the review, demanding more witnesses be questioned and now adding whether the federal judge misled Senate investigators.

Republicans hold a narrow 51-49 majority and will need help from Democrats to confirm Kavanaugh if they fall short.

Frieda Powers


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