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‘All work will be voluntary’? Delusional Socialist Party takes on Dan Bongino – BAD idea

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Socialists have made significant advances in the U.S., in large part because of the hard left’s stranglehold on American universities, and to keep momentum on their side and attract more lemmings, they’ve come up with a great sales pitch.

Never mind that it has no basis in reality, that they promise what has never been and will never be — but leave it to Dan Bongino, the no-nonsense ex-Secret Service agent, to offer an epic response, just as he did to oddball actor Jim Carrey’s call to “say yes to socialism.”

Bongino took Carrey, a Canadian, to task, explaining to the “idiot” that socialism is not the same thing as “socialized.”

This prompted a rebuttal from The Socialist Party, which tweeted that Bongino does not know the difference between socialism and statism.

A social media user tweeted: “I’m confused. Do I need to work? If not, how do I afford goods? If [it’s] free, who pays/works for it?”

You may want to get your boots out before reading the Socialist Party’s answer.

“All work will be voluntary. Money will be obsolete,” their tweet promises. “When a society collectively owns the means of production and distribution, then it will also own all the goods and services being produced. No one has to pay for what they already collectively own.”

The assertion is so nonsensical the only thing you can do is laugh. A lot. Which is just what Bongino did!


The pipe dream socialists are selling was proven wrong in America’s very beginning, when the Jamestown colony starved because the fruits of the colonists’ labor had to go to the common store.

It was the introduction of private property, where every man was given three acres of land and was free to work for themselves, reaping the fruits of their labor, that led to the success of the colony.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter that suggests the future may prove to be a challenge, given the number of uninformed people in this country:


Tom Tillison


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