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The View’s Meghan McCain to Roseanne Barr: ‘Stay the hell out of my lane’

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Meghan McCain warned Roseanne Barr to “stay the hell out of my lane” as a Republican, slamming her as “every gross stereotype” she doesn’t want associated with the party.

McCain spoke about the comedian’s comments to former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett with a panel in a discussion on “The View” Friday.

Playing a clip of Barr from her appearance on “The Sean Hannity Show” Thursday, McCain turned to guest Rabbi Schmuley Boteach, a personal friend of the 65-year-old comedian, to air her feelings on Barr’s remarks.

“So rabbi, I understand everything you’re saying about forgiveness, but I’m a Republican on ‘The View,’ and every day I come in here trying to tell people that Trump supporters and Republicans we’re nuanced,”she began.

“It’s not just one blanket thing, and I was so excited when this show (“Roseanne”) came on and I really liked it because I thought it was a reflection of the middle of the country,” McCain continued.

“And the problem I have right now is Roseanne is every gross stereotype I’m trying to get people away from,” she said. “Her tweet, a lot of incendiary things she has said about Jewish people, obviously about Valerie Jarrett. So it’s hard for me to come back, and it’s not even about forgiveness for me, it’s more that I don’t want her to be associated with the Republican Party in any way.”

Boteach pointed to the demise of a united America and the “hyperpartisanship” that is “destroying us.”

“Well, 26 million people watched her show for two reasons because for the first time we were watching a multiracial family, America wants unity, and secondly a multi-political family and they still love each other and they are a family,” Boteach said. “America is no longer family. It’s destroying us, this hyperpartisanship.”

He added that the “show was a blessing and that’s why it succeeded for Democrats and Republicans.”

“As far as Roseanne as a person, Roseanne has no history of bigotry, no history of prejudice, no history of racism,” the rabbi noted.

“She dressed up like Hitler with cookies that looked like Jewish people from the ovens,” McCain interjected. “That’s not a kind person that would do something like that.”

“I never said she was perfect and didn’t make serious, serious mistakes,” the rabbi responded. “She has elbows. I said she has no history of racism. She said she did her tweet —not, by way, of excuse — because she always apologized and said don’t defend me. And my conversation with her was about her absolutely unconditionally asking Valerie Jarrett for forgiveness.”

Co-host Joy Behar jumped in to defend Barr.

“Well, she did the forgiveness. I think she asked for it on Hannity’s Show, and it looked like to me that it was sincere,” she said.

But McCain was adamant that she does not want Barr to voice her political opinions.

“My issue is people can choose to forgive what they want. I want her to stay the hell out of my lane in Republican politics,” McCain said. “Because she’s making everything worse.”

Frieda Powers


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