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Howard Kurtz confirms tensions between Fox News and Kimberly Guilfoyle over exit, but new ‘union’ may be in the works

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And the intrigue continues.

With little fanfare, and not long after beginning to date Donald Trump Jr., Kimberley Guilfoyle and Fox News parted company. But it’s how the network did so that has led to so much speculation —  well, that and the fact Guilfoyle’s dating President Donald Trump’s son.

Speculation that Fox News’ Howard Kurtz added to over the weekend as he offered a little clarity to events.

Fox News issued a terse, one sentence announcement that Guilfoyle was leaving and she was not given an opportunity to say goodbye on air. Almost immediately, rumors began circulating in the media that Guilfoyle was “unceremoniously dumped” and that her departure was not voluntary, prompting a statement from her lawyer saying that the “agreed-upon parting of ways” was in the works for some time and that it “is entirely mutual and amicable.”

Enter Kurtz, who spoke about the complications of Guilfoyle dating the president’s son, and the complications that arise anytime two attorneys enter the picture.

“Guilfoyle, a former prosecutor, has been a popular conservative voice here at Fox for a dozen years, most of it at The Five,” Kurtz said. “She’s also been considered for a job in the Trump White House, and as I reported on this program weeks ago, the situation became more complicated when she started dating Donald Trump, Jr.”

He reaffirmed the reports that Guilfoyle was going to work at America First Politics, a pro-Trump super PAC, and that she will be hitting the campaign trail with her beau in the run up to the mid-terms.

In the process, Kurtz casually dropped a bit of a bombshell.

“And the two have told friends that marriage could be in their future,” he said.

And that’s when the lawyers entered the picture.

“But behind the scenes, there have been tensions as lawyers on both sides have tried to negotiate the issues surrounding her departure,” Kurtz reported.

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