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Rachel Maddow deduces that Trump team leaked ‘lurid’ Cohen tape. Try to follow this logic.

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When it comes to the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd, there’s never a shortage of conspiracy theories when it comes to President Donald Trump.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow suggested Friday that the tape Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, had of a conversation he had with his client that’s now in the hands of the FBI may have been leaked from the Trump camp.

Citing a report by Vanity Fair‘s Emily Jane Fox that the Cohen tape was protected by attorney-client privilege, and that Cohen’s attorneys turned a copy of the tape over to Trump’s lawyers, as The New York Times reported, Maddow said there are only two possibilities.

“That means prosecutors would never have gotten it,” she said. “So that means the only people that would have had access to this thing at Michael Cohen’s lawyers and President Trump’s lawyers. And Michael Cohen’s lawyers apparently didn’t leak this thing to the New York Times today. Which means, by process of elimination, that President Trump’s lawyers did.”

“The president’s lawyers themselves appear to have leaked the existence of this tape to get out ahead of this story,” Maddow deduced, clearly proud of herself for reaching this conclusion.

She goes on to list possible motivations, beginning with a desire to push all the hysteria over Trump’s Helsinki press conference off the front page — “Treason Week,” she said with a chuckle, suggesting the president of the United States is a “Russian agent.”

Another theory is that Trump’s lawyers “hope to shape the narrative about this tape” to lessen its impact.

Maddow, who apparently has too much time on her hands, then gets to the crux of her analysis.

Based on an assumption Cohen had “something really good” to give up on Trump, i.e. the tape, in a plea deal with prosecutors, she opined that Trump’s wily lawyers “have essentially taken this away” as a bargaining chip by releasing it first.

So to recap, according to Rachel Maddow, knowing that Cohen had a tape that could bury Trump, the president’s lawyers, having a copy of the same tape, opted to leak it ahead of Cohen, essentially burying their own client.

Okie-dokie, that’ll show Cohen!

Tom Tillison


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