‘Build the wall!’ ABC reporter encounters smuggler at border, ignites demand for more border security

An ABC News reporter accompanying a border patrol agent at the U.S.-Mexico border encountered a suspected human smuggler.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent Robert Rodriguez described the area in McAllen, Texas to ABC News reporter Tom Llamas on Monday as “one of the areas where almost exclusively the smugglers use it smuggle unaccompanied children and family units into the U.S. ”

They ran into a group of alleged illegal aliens climbing up the dirt path from the river when Rodriguez spotted someone else.

“Look, there’s a smuggler,” he shouted as he took off running, with the ABC News team right behind him. The man eventually boarded an inflatable raft and paddled away on the Rio Grande,

“I cannot go in the river to apprehend him. As long as he goes back south, I’m all right,” the agent said.

President Trump tweeted recently that those who illegally enter the U.S.need to immediately be sent back to their home countries.

The ACLU, among others, criticized the president’s position as “both illegal and unconstitutional.”

But it seems the ABC News video only served to ignite the demand to “build the wall!”

Frieda Powers


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