‘Look at the tiny tots!’ NYT’s video of really big migrant ‘children’ has folks scratching their heads

The media is fully invested in driving hysteria over illegal immigrant children being separated from their parents, but a New York Times video depicting what appears to be fully grown “boys” didn’t do this political narrative any favors.

“A group of seven boys,” the video caption read, “who appeared to be unaccompanied migrant children, arrived at New York’s La Guardia Airport from Texas on Wednesday night.”

In the video, the group of “migrants” — see illegal immigrants — who look to be in their late teens, if not older, are seen being loaded into a van.

All of which prompted conservative political commentator Ann Coulter to mock the clip on Twitter.

“Look at the tiny tots!” she tweeted.

As she’s wont to do, Coulter stirred up controversy earlier this week in response to the networks mad rush to air young illegal immigrant children crying — the Times ran with a photo of President Donald Trump towering over one such child, never mind that the child’s father said his daughter was never separated from her mother.

“These child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks 24/7 right now; do not fall for it, Mr. President,” Coulter said on Fox News.

Media coverage of illegal immigrant families being separated having reached a level of insanity we’ve not seen before,  as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson showed in a montage on Thursday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“The usual people yelling on TV were saying things adults didn’t used to say in public, even a few months ago,” Carlson explained. “They seemed hysterical, crazed, nihilistic. Something had changed. It was creepy.”

In lieu of crying over this unfortunate reality, social media users responded with a little snark.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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