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NBC News kicks off holiday by publishing ‘Spanish, not English is the most all-American language’

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A commentary by an NBC News writer earned some epic backlash for calling Spanish “the most all-American language.”

On a holiday weekend when Americans are remembering the nation’s fallen heroes, NBC News’ main Twitter account touted the piece written by Gustavo Arellano, who is also a columnist for The Los Angeles Times opinion section.

“Is it dangerous to speak Spanish in public in Trump’s America? Well, sí!” the commentary read.

The headline, “Spanish, not English, is the most all-American language and has been for centuries,” kicked off the piece in which Arellano argued that Spain established colonies in the New World  before the English settled Jamestown in 1607.

The opinion piece was slammed on Twitter as  “silly” and “stupid news” as well as “anti white propaganda.”

Arellano focused on the history of Spanish in the U.S. and  “anti-Latino” backlash.

“The reality is that speaking Spanish in the United States has always been dangerous: In this age of social media, the rest of the country is just learning about what Latinos have had to deal with for generations,” Arellano wrote.

“Now, with an increasingly diverse America, speaking Spanish is just going back to our roots — roots that modern-day Know-Nothings fear being left out of,” Arellano continued. “So get with the program, racists, and learn Spanish. And for the record: when we speak Español, we’re not talking about you. We don’t even care about you.”

Twitter users lit him up.

Frieda Powers


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