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Ignorant HS ‘activist’ David Hogg mocks Oliver North, war hero Marine with 20 plus medals. Dems will support this?

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Parkland survivor David Hogg blasted incoming NRA President Oliver North for comments he made linking school shootings to Ritalin.

Weighing in on the latest mass shooting tragedy at Santa Fe High School which left 10 people dead, North said it is not the Second Amendment which is to blame as the nation attempts to treat the symptom instead of the disease.

“The disease in this case isn’t the Second Amendment. The disease is youngsters who are steeped in a culture of violence,” he said on Fox News Sunday. “They’ve been drugged in many cases. Nearly all of these perpetrators are male. … Many of these young boys have been on Ritalin since they were in kindergarten.”


Moms Demand Action Founder Shannon Watts pushed back on North’s claims, tweeting that American teens “have easy access to arsenals and ammo. ”

Responding to Watts’ tweet, Hogg attacked North’s claims by declaring that the retired Marine was responsible for supporting the trafficking of cocaine into the United States in the 1980’s.

Hogg criticized North earlier this month as well, tweeting that North would “know about terrorism,” as he referred to the controversial Iran-Contra affair of the 1980’s.

Hogg continued his rant against North on Twitter, challenging the NRA PR team to respond to his remarks.

Hogg had his usual fan club cheering him on, but many Twitter users called him out for his blatant disrespect of a veteran.

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