CNN gives ‘Stormy’ report from National Prayer event at WH. Count how many dirty looks reporter gets…

Guests attending a National Day of Prayer event Thursday at the White House were shocked to hear CNN reporter Kaitlin Collins reporting on the $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels from President Trump’s attorney in a live shot.

But then, this is a network that has porn on the brain in its blood lust to destroy the president, given the non-stop coverage of Daniels… even at a National Day of Prayer event.

As Collins is giving her “report,” a number of guests turn around and give her dirty looks, to include some sitting toward the front. This being a good indication of how loud (and proud?) the reporter was, as she stood behind the seating area.

A fellow journalist, Andrew Beatty, a White House reporter for the Agence France-Presse, commented on the “awkward moment” in a tweet.

“Slightly awkward moment in the Rose Garden as National Day of Prayer reception guests await the president. All quiet except for the sound a CNN reporter doing piece to camera about Stormy Daniels. Some giggles some questioning glances,” Beatty noted.

Not that Collins was concerned, as she took to social media afterwards to whine that she got an earful from one guest to go along with the sea of dirty looks, the air of self-righteousness proof that she endeavored with the approval of her own conscience.

“A guest at the White House for the National Day of Prayer event tells me I am ‘pitiful and disgusting’ for reporting that President Trump reimbursed his attorney for the $130,000 he paid a porn actress,” Collins tweeted. “I think you’re gonna have to take that up with Trump, sir.”

Naturally, a number of Collin’s colleagues at CNN came to her defense online. Many members of the media, blinded in their quest to take out Trump, also weighed in to support her.

It also served as a golden opportunity to bash the religious right, a favorite sport for the secular left. Zealots were quick to spin disgust of a classless report about a porn star at a prayer event into approval of President Trump allegedly having a one night fling with Daniels — which he denies.

But social media users are adept enough to realize the difference, as seen here in the reactions to the story:

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