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Gohmert shuts down Sheila Jackson Lee who used time to introduce Reps daughters mid Diamond & Silk hearing

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Diamond & Silk took center stage at a House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Thursday.

The outspoken Trump supporters more than held their own, under intense pressure and belittling by Dems as they made their case against censorship by social media giants.  Democrat Rep Sheila Jackson Lee got a little taste of her Party’s own medicine when Rep. Louie Gohmert let her know that her time was up.

Lee spent much of her time introducing young ladies who were attendance for “Take your daughters to Congress” Day and grandstanding.

Lee had even acknowledged that it was one of the daughter’s birthday. After Lee was done, another Rep in the crowd used time (while Diamond & Silk sat by) to introduce another daughter as well. Finally, Lee got around to the business at hand where she launched into a heated exchange with the Trump supporting duo. But, Lee was cut short by Gohmert who wasn’t impressed with her theatrics.

“You used your time.” he said.

Moving on!

A full PDF of Diamond and Silk testimony can be read here.


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