Actor’s unhinged rant against Ingraham earns him a challenge to put his money where his ‘big mouth’ is

Actor Michael Rapaport has been known to mouth-off before, but his latest enraged tirade might take the cake.

Claiming to be upset (to put it mildly) Rapaport recorded himself foaming at the mouth and slinging personal insults at Fox News host Laura Ingraham. *Warning for language:


Nice way to talk to a woman there, pal.

The actor was majorily triggered by the now infamous feud Ingraham had with young anti-gun provocateur David Hogg. After launching a tweet that mildly mocked young Hogg for not being accepted to certain colleges, Rapaport went on an unhinged tirade that dwarfed Ingraham’s angle (see what I did there?) by comparison.

It didn’t take long for the disturbing video to circulate the internet and was soon spotted by another somewhat controversial figure, author Mike Cernovich. Cernovich wasted no time blasting Rapaport, and challenged him to a charity boxing match. After all, if he has so much built up rage, why not put it to good use?

So far, there’s been no word from Rapaport on whether or not he’ll take Cernovich up on the challenge. But, it’s not stopping some Grade A mockery from fueling Twitter:

Who’s taking bets that he’ll accept?



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