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Rude UCLA students heckle Treasury Secretary Mnuchin unmercifully. Another example of how bad it’s become.

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The unhinged left continues in earnest with its hatred of President Donald Trump and his administration. Nowhere is that more apparent than on college campuses now owned by the progressive left.

In a previously withheld video, students unmercifully heckled Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin during a discussion on the economy at UCLA last month.

UCLA had initially held the video, saying the secretary “subsequently withdrew” his agreement for it to be posted online, the New York Post reported — the school said in a release Friday that it had received Mnuchin’s consent to release it.

Not exactly friendly territory for a Republican, Mnuchin was met with hissing and was interrupted shortly after he began speaking by three hecklers, who railed about the ills of the world in succession, one social justice warrior picking up the mantle as another was carried out by police.

The zealots raged about how President Trump is “bullying North Korea” and how the GOP tax bill is “sentencing people to death, to include children.” A bill they described as “politics of fascism,” claiming it was “part of ethnic cleansing.”

They also railed about enforcing immigration laws and said “black and brown people are not going to have anything to eat” because of this administration.

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Given that this is California, the surprising thing about the political theater is that the police actually took action and removed the hecklers from the room.

Not that Mnuchin took it lying down.

He was hissed at while describing how the Trump administration is creating investment opportunities to improve communities in need of development and he pushed back.

“You don’t want positive impact on communities?” he asked the person hissing.

To his credit, Mnuchin tried to respectfully engage, asking this person to explain why they oppose the action, but got insults instead.

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“Then why are you here?” he then asked. “Maybe you want to leave if you think I’ve got nothing to say. Maybe you should just leave.”

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