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PM Netanyahu gushes about United States’ leadership, but sums it up in one powerful word

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was educated in the United States and he visits frequently because he loves America and believes it has been a force for good in the world.

“America has been the vanguard of freedom,” Netanyahu told Fox News host Mark Levin. “Without the United States of America, you wouldn’t have freedom in the world, and freedom is what makes life worth living.”

Netanyahu, who attended MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as an impressionable college student, said one thing that makes the United States truly unique in all the world is that no matter who you are, or where you’re from, you can succeed if you’re talented and work hard.

“The fact that America is a meritocracy [is amazing],” he said. “It’s not a class society. If you’re good, if you have the smarts and the ambition, you can do it. That’s what I encountered in America, and I thought should be brought to Israel. And in many ways, it influenced my thinking, certainly on the questions of the economy and innovation, because I saw great things.”


Netanyahu said beyond that, what he respects and admires about America is its willingness to fight for democracy, freedom, and be a leader on the world stage no matter who opposes it.

“I saw in America something else,” Netanyahu said. “The Jewish people underwent horrific tragedies…the holocaust. During the first half of the 20th century when the holocaust occurred, America was not the world leader, and we paid a horrible price for that.”

He said Israel will always stand with the United States because the U.S. always had its back.

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“Then the state of Israel was established, and what a difference that made, and the fact that America did become the leader of the world,” Netanyahu said. “It’s made all the difference. So when I look at America, I don’t think of the principles of freedom. I think of America’s defense of freedom in the world and alliance with Israel and support for Israel. I have the deepest feelings about the United States of America for both reasons.”

If only liberals loved America this much. Imagine what we could accomplish.

Samantha Chang


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