Tucker tackles taboo crisis: The decline of American men

Tucker Carlson is taking on the taboo phenomenon happening before all of our eyes … the progressive movement to emasculate men.

Carlson brought on Canadian professor Dr. Jordan Peterson who will be joining Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight for a regular March segment highlighting what Carlson calls a “crisis” facing American males.

“American men are failing in body, in mind and in spirit. It’s a crisis,” Carlson said as he opened the segment Wednesday night.

Carlson blamed American “leaders” for not only ignoring the problem, but of trying persuade the public into believing that the “opposite is true.”

“Women are victims, men are oppressors,” Carlson said of the current media and college campus narrative. “To question that assumption is to risk punishment.”

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Carlson revealed a myriad of staggering statistics that should have parents of boys and young men very concerned. He took on the unsubstantiated gender pay gap “talking point” and focused on the declining physical well-being of young men and boys.

“Men are even falling behind physically,” Tucker noted. “A recent study found that almost half of young men failed the Army’s entry-level physical fitness test during basic training. Fully seventy percent of American men are now overweight or obese. That’s compared to 59 percent of American women.”

But, Carlson didn’t stop there.

“Perhaps most bafflingly or terrifyingly, men seem to be becoming less male,” he continued.


“Sperm counts across the west have plummeted, they’re down almost 60 percent since the early 1970s. Scientists don’t know why this is. Testosterone levels in men have also fallen precipitously. One study found that the average levels of male testosterone dropped by one percent every year after 1987. And it’s not unrelated to age. The average 40-year-old-man in 2017 would have testosterone levels 30 percent lower than the average 40-year-old man in 1987.”

Tucker noted that even though young women are outpacing men in college education, campuses around the country push “women studies” programs where the “core goal is to attack male power.”

“Men and women need each other. One cannot exist without the other… When men fail, all of us suffer.” Carlson said before bringing on his guest which begins at about the 7:50 mark below:

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