CNN crazy anti-Trump chyron turns heads: ‘this isn’t just putting your finger on the scale – it’s sitting on it’

CNN shills who make their living bashing Trump have thrown out all pretense of objectivity, and now the network is blaring its glaring bias in writing across viewers’ TV screens.

“White House repeats Trumps’ false claim that he’s tougher on Russian than Obama,” the CNN chyron read as Wolf Blitzer’s panel on the Situation Room attacked Trump.

The segment was in response to a tweet President Trump launched on Tuesday claiming that he has been far tougher on Russia than his predecessor.

The problem with CNN’s chyron is that Trump’s claim was a subjective one.  CNN can have experts on to debate the merits of the president’s claim, but to arbitrarily declare it officially “false” on its broadcast is another level of fraudulent journalism.

Conservative national security expert John Noonan took exception to the chyron and raked CNN over the coals on Twitter:

There is plenty of debate to be had.

Of course, there’s an investigation into what appears to be collusion between Russia and Obama to undermine Trump, but CNN wouldn’t want to let that fact get in the way:

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