Bill Clinton’s fmr. press secretary admits Sarah Sanders’ boss is more accessible than Obama or his boss

In a refreshing change, former White House press secretary for Bill Clinton didn’t hesitate to give credit where credit is due.

Mike Murray sat with current White House press secretary Sarah Sanders for a C-Span discussion and didn’t hesitate to admit that when it comes to speaking to the press, Sarah’s boss is better at it than his was.

“[Trump] is more accessible in exchanges,” McCurry admitted. “You’re the master data analyst, and he has probably been more accessible than either Obama or Clinton, correct?”

The moderator tried to dial back his enthusiasm for Trump’s transparency a bit.

“Well, Clinton in the first year, before you got there,” the moderator responded before conceding that President Trump is good at “short Q and A’s.”

Sanders who always has the president’s back was quick to run with it.

“By the definition of the fact that he spends as much time interacting with the press as he does, I think it’s hard to argue that he isn’t open to answering those questions and being held accountable by the press,” Sanders said.  “And so I think that’s a very big difference.”

President Trump recently took a big risk by hosting a transparent discussion at the White House about school safety after the Parkland massacre. Student survivors and victim’s families along with the press were in attendance to discuss solutions to stop school shootings.

While many blasted the president for his stance to arm teachers and have schools employ armed veterans as security, others appreciated his willingness to discuss a contentious topic out in the open.

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