MSNBC becomes laughingstock, called out twice in mere minutes for shoddy reporting

The folks over at MSNBC were getting it from all sides over the issue of “fake news.”

In a not-meant-to-be hilarious segment featuring Democrat challenger, Andrew Janz who’s vying for Devin Nunes seat, MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff was called out not once, but twice for his network’s shoddy reporting.

When your employer has been called out twice in mere minutes for fake news, you just have to slap on a fake smile and power through it. Image: Screen grab.

The segment opens with a woman on the street telling Soboroff to his face that MSNBC is guilty of pimping fake news.

“Do you think we’re fake news?” Soboroff asks.

“Um, a little bit,” she answers without hesitation. And let’s face it, she was being kind.

MSNBC is becoming a laughingstock as random folks on the street call them out for fake news.

After they all shared a chuckle over the moment of honesty, Soboroff begins to interview Janz, who was clearly perturbed with the media’s incessant Russian collusion fixation.

Janz first brought up the issue to claim he’s been wrongly accused of only talking about Russia. “It couldn’t be farther from the truth,” he said.

Soboroff clearly stepped in it again by asking the obvious.

“Why Russia, why is everybody talking about Andrew Janz and Russia?” the MSNBC “journo” asked before he was served a heaping slice of humble pie.

“Yeah, no offense, but you folks in the media only talk about the Russia thing,” Janz began.

It was only seconds before Soboroff regretted asking Janz about why everyone’s talking about Russia.

“So, when I’m out there talking about water and infrastructure, that’s not covered.”

Welcome to the party, Janz! Where’ve you been? President Trump has been all over it from the beginning and isn’t backing down any time soon.

It’s becoming clear with the Russian collusion narrative falling apart, savvy Dems are going to distance themselves from the talking points of the past year and move on to, you know, real issues. The biased media’s reputation for colluding with the Democrat Party, however, may never recover.

Enjoy the hilarious clip below:


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