Tucker crushes Democrats on FISAgate: We thought meeting with foreign operatives to rig elections was ‘treason’

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson shredded Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., for engaging in conduct that he has previously labeled treason.

Carlson ridiculed Congressman Schiff for his cockamamie theory that Russians are secretly promoting the Second Amendment in order to subliminally prompt Americans to kill each other.

“The Russian conspiracy is so subtle, so crafty, such a bewildering Slavic hall of mirrors, that the people warning us about Russia are in fact key players,” he said. “The leaders of the witch hunt are witches.”

Carlson called out the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee for appearing on the Russian cable channel RT America, which the Kremlin funds and controls. The U.S. government has required RT America to register as a foreign agent for “engaging in anti-U.S. messaging likely aimed at undermining U.S. trust in government procedures.”

Schiff being the individual “leading the charge against the Putin propaganda machine,” Carlson pointed out.

SG Tucker Carlson - Adam Schiff

(Image: screenshot)

After showing examples of Schiff and Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., “doing the bidding of a hostile foreign power,” Carlson said Tokyo Rose went to prison for such behavior.

He then pointed to the breaking story about “a mysterious and non-existing photograph.”

“Last year, Schiff conducted a phone call with Russian pranksters who promised him compromising photographs of Donald Trump with a Russian model,” Carlson said.

Schiff’s office claimed the congressman wasn’t fooled by the prank, but the phone logs suggest otherwise, according to Carlson.

“After the call, Schiff’s office contacted somebody they believe was a Ukrainian politician seeking to set up a meeting at a foreign embassy where they could obtain those documents,” the Fox News host noted.

“Huh!” Carlson exclaimed. “Setting up meetings with foreign operatives seeking politically damaging information about a political component? We thought that was treason. Adam Schiff told us it was.”

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