Donna Brazile gives ‘face desk’ worthy comment on what Democrat Party ‘believes in’

In light of the temper tantrums thrown by Democrats since President Trump addressed the nation on Tuesday, a comment from former DNC chair Donna Brazile was epic in its lack of self-awareness.

Apparently forgetting her own party’s childish name-calling of Trump, likening the president of the United States to Hitler on many occasions, Brazile told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the Democratic Party “really believes in civility.”

The former chair of the Democratic National Committee spoke on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday ahead of Trump’s State of the Union address. Carlson asked Brazile if she expected to see any signs of rude behavior from members of her party during the president’s speech.

“No, I don’t think so,” Brazile replied. “No. First of all, the party really believes in civility.”

This prompted an interruption from Carlson who wanted to be sure he heard her correctly.

“Which party?” he asked.

“The Democratic Party,” Brazile continued, apparently missing the point the Fox News host was making. She went on to talk about the guests that lawmakers and the president would have in attendance at the Capitol for the State of the Union speech.

“This is a night for president Trump to pivot, to talk to all of the American people. Not just his base,” she said, as the sound of collective face-palms could almost be heard.

As viewers of the SOTU speech saw all too clearly, Democrats had no intentions on being civil as they demonstrated throughout the night.

Twitter users found Brazile’s comments equally insulting and hilarious.

Frieda Powers


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