Megyn Kelly refused to interview Wolff, but the reason has nothing to do with his sketchy anti-Trump book

“Today” anchor Megyn Kelly refused to interview author Michael Wolff on her show last week while he was making the rounds plugging his tell-all book about President Donald Trump, according to The New York Post.

No, Kelly isn’t looking out for the best interests of the president, according to the source. Instead, she has her own personal reasons to reject Wolff’s endeavors to peddle “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” last week.

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Turns out, Kelly is “still peeved” over a scathing piece Wolff did on her after she signed with NBC that was run in Newsweek, Page Six reported.

He wrote:

“There is at any given time in the television news business invariably one person more mistrusted and reviled by all the other mistrusted and reviled people in the business . . . At Fox, for star colleagues down to makeup artists and, seemingly, by common agreement throughout the television news business, Megyn Kelly is the era’s most hardcore Eve Harrington case — soulless, heartless, shameless, avaricious, etc.”


Yep, that would certainly do the trick of irritating Kelly, not that Wolff wasn’t willing to let bygones be bygones in the name of unadulterated capitalism.

“Wolff was OK with doing her show, but Megyn said absolutely not,” a source told the celebrity news and gossip site.

Kelly proved last month that she has no qualms about showcasing those who have an ax to grind with Trump when she interviewed three women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.

And just because Kelly refused to host Wolff did not mean NBC would deny the anti-Trump book exposure.

The network opted to have Savannah Guthrie interview Wolff on “Today” on Friday.

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