Obama asked what he ‘misses most’ about being president. His answer is driving Americans nuts

In an interview conducted by Prince Harry, former President Barack Obama had the opportunity to share what he missed most about being president and came up with a remarkable answer.

A response that suggested he rather enjoyed the perks of his lofty position.

The interview, taped in September during the Invictus Games in Toronto, was aired Wednesday on BBC Radio and while Obama talked of having leisurely breakfasts with wife Michelle now that he’s out of office, he seemed to take odd satisfaction in being able to create misery for others as president.

“I didn’t used to experience traffic. I used to cause traffic,” he told the recently engaged prince.

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As might be expected, the response didn’t go over well with Obama’s critics on social media.

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Obama appeared to be proud of causing traffic jams and his supporters were quick to excuse this as just “a joke,” but as a social media user noted, every joke has a kernel of truth to it and this one equated to a “whole turd chock full of corn.”

Traffic jams that were often the result of the former president traveling to the latest fundraiser.


Obama’s answer proved that his arrogance and narcissistic behavior are just as strong as when he was in office.

Here’s a sampling of other responses from Twitter:





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