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Special edition of Jesse Watters’ Mom Texts doesn’t disappoint – she’s brutal!

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Not all political discourse needs to be ugly – even when it’s all in the family.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters has featured his mother’s texts before, but this time he brought her on the set of “The Five” to really rub it in.


The young conservative’s mom just happens to be liberal Democrat. Needless to say, she doesn’t always agree with her son, and has been known to send him texts critical of his work on Fox. One of her latest texts included:

“When you are good, you are so very, very good. And when there is a performance like last night’s I become so distraught that you have moved ever close to that imaginary line that cannot be crossed.”


Watters went on to read more hilarious texts where his mom said she wondered if “mean Mondays” were routine at Fox News, and said she had grown tired of “the Fox & Friends fellow.”

Perhaps, mom’s toughest criticism and biggest laughs came when she took aim directly at her son:

“Please don’t become a talking head that is predictable and thin. Your colleagues roll their eyes and grown aloud with their pre-game knowledge of what your position and point is going to be.”



In the end, Watters’ mom “thanked God” for Juan Williams, the show’s resident Democrat.

The segment earned a lot of laughs from Watters’ fellow hosts and is refreshing change of pace in an increasingly polarized political climate. It’s safe to assume that Christmas dinner will be   happy at the Watters’ household despite their different views.


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