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In the name of decency! Oscars gets serious after Weinstein and adopts a ‘code of conduct’

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Sit down children and keep your hands to yourselves!

Hollywood is hoping to save face with a list of rules it hopes will tame its unsavory players.

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The movie industry was already suffering from lax sales when the Harvey Weinstein scandal blew up. Seemingly endless reports of sexual abuse by Weinstein sparked an unrelenting wave of accusations against media and political power players that shows no signs of stopping.

In an attempt to quell any more bad publicity, officials behind the 2018 Oscars decided to unveil a “code of conduct” for next year’s Academy Awards.

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The new rules specifically state that “people who abuse their status, power or influence in a manner that violates standards of decency” will suffer repercussions the New York Post’s Page Six reported.

The new code of conduct was distributed by email to 8,427 members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to by film academy chief executive Dawn Hudson in October and confirmed to the Post on Wednesday.

Harvey Weinstein was booted from the Oscar’s governing body after his behavior was revealed to the general public, but no doubt his presence will still be felt as the biggest elephant in the room.

Hollywood royalty have longed praised Weinstein at the Academy Awards for his contributions to the movie industry. Iconic actress Meryl Streep once refered to Weinstein as God while accepting an award to laughs and applause. Streep smartly slammed Weinstein soon after the scandal broke, and claimed she was one (of the few) who didn’t know about his past.

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As it turned out, Weinstein’s despicable antics were widely known in Hollywood’s inner (and outer circles) but since the “open secret” broke nationwide the academy’s board is now ready to get serious.

Violators of the new code or anyone who might “compromise the integrity” of the academy may be expelled or suspended, the Post reported.

Given Hollywood’s recently exposed past, many might argue the new rules seem more than a little disingenuous and come far too late.

The 2018 Oscars will be hosted once again by Jimmy Kimmel and will air live on March 4th next year.


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