Jennifer Lawrence guesses she’s ‘spiritual,’ then comes to inspiring conclusion: ‘I don’t believe in anything’

Actress Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t believe in much of anything these days, except for the occasional non-male “something.”

Sounding like you might expect if she had just smoked a big bowl, the Oscar-winning actress seemed confused about just what she believes in.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lawrence was asked whether she was religious or spiritual and after answering “neither,” the actress then decided she was spiritual.

“I guess I am spiritual. I’m not religious,” she said. “I grew up very religious. I have a religious family, but I don’t believe in anything.”

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Lawrence went on to say she believes in “something” and while she had struggled to identify what that is, she’s certain it’s not a male.

“I wouldn’t call myself an atheist,” Lawrence explained. “I just believe in that thing, that something, whatever it is, that I do believe in. I don’t think it identifies as a man. To argue over what it is ridiculous because none of us have the answer.”

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Perhaps that helps explain her comment that if Donald Trump was elected president “it will be the end of the world.”

Lawrence said she does occasionally pray, just not “to anybody specific.”

“I pray, it’s just I’m not praying to anybody specific,” she said. “I grew up praying every night before bed, so I still sometimes do that, and it’s a good checking-in time.”

Not that the actress shuns God entirely, explaining she will call on the Big Guy in life-or-death matters.

“I was in a plane that had double-engine failure, and I was praying to God,” Lawrence said. “Whether I believe in Him or not! I was like, ‘I don’t know if you’re out there, but if you are, please, please [save] the airplane.'”

Somehow, that seems appropriate.

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