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Alec Baldwin prepping talk show with ABC

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This makes perfect sense in the wonderful world of media.

Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Hamptons International Film Festival

Trump-hating actor Alec Baldwin is ready to cement his relationship with ABC and is negotiating with the network for a new talk show.

The project that is currently under works is based on Baldwin’s WNYC radio/podcast Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Sources emphasized to TRP that the deal isn’t finalized, but it would expand Baldwin’s relationship with ABC where he currently hosts the show Match Game.

ABC came under major scrutiny on Friday when its veteran journalist Brian Ross falsely reported that Presidential candidate Donald Trump directed his former National Security advisor Michael Flynn to meet with Russian officials.

The network retracted its colossal mistake and clarified that Trump was president-elect at the time, and such a meeting would have been standard operating procedure. ABC suspended Ross for four weeks without pay after the false report sent markets into chaos. And now we discover that the network is reportedly ready to take its chances on Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin is a vehement Trump critic and won an Emmy for his not-so-flattering portrayal of the President on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Baldwin portraying President Trump on SNL. Image Screenshot.

Recently, Baldwin did the voice over for the new movie Boss Baby and showed off his Trump impersonation skills to younsters at the film’s premerie in March:

If Baldwin and ABC unite with a new talk show just think of the Trump-bashing they could do. But, Trump fans were quick to remind that Baldwin took a crack at a talk show before over at MSBNC and the project fizzled quickly:



Time will tell.


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