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Holiday tip: If you’re a grown man, please don’t fight over toy cars at Walmart like these idiots

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Ah, the joys of watching grown men fighting over toy cars as if their lives depended on the outcome.

Yes, it’s that time of the year: Black Friday. The day after Americans join together at the dinner table to give thanks for all the blessings in their lives. A day marked by an army of shoppers looking to get a killer of a deal — even if they have to kill to get it.

While the mauling at American malls was tamer this year than in years past, there were still the occasional jousts caught on video, such as four adult males seen fighting over a toy car at a Walmart.

SG Walmart2

“Let go!” a woman told one combatant, appropriately dressed in camouflage gear. “Let it go!”

One employee, who seemed to be a manager, looked on, but then a second, larger store employee appeared as the men finally released their death grips.

“Neither one of you get it,” the man admonished the grown-*ss men acting like spoiled children.

The National Retail Federation expects shoppers to spend as much as $20 billion over the Thanksgiving weekend — with Amazon getting more and more of that pie through online shopping.

Shopping from the safety of a computer beats getting caught up in a scene like the one above, but that incident proved to be tame compared to the free-for-all seen at a Buckle store in Hoover, Alabama.

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Tom Tillison


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