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On this holiday, let’s stop & take a moment for Trump to talk turkey about what makes America great

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With Americans across the nation gathering together for Thanksgiving, there will probably be many opportunities for politics to make it into dinner conversations.

Especially if football will be part of the holiday, as per tradition.

But instead of the inevitable tangle of debate, what if Americans focused for a little bit on what to be thankful for just by living in the land of the free. And for many, having a president who is unashamed of his country and its people sets this turkey day apart from the last eight.

President Trump rode into the White House this year thanks in part to his love of this country and its rich heritage.

He started the year – and his administration – off with the clear and proud message, “America first.”

Through the first months of his presidency, he encouraged Americans and described the patriotic pride swelling in the nation since his election as a movement that is about love and a government that puts the American people first.

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He repeatedly honored veterans and the service men and women who have sacrificed for the nation as “part of a long unbroken chain of American heroes,” calling on Americans to join him in gratitude.

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He celebrated as Wall Street hit one milestone after another.

He championed respect for Old Glory, reminding the nation of its debt to those who died defending our freedoms, while he called out cowards who refused to stand during the national anthem.

For many, there will be thankfulness that finally the White House is occupied by someone not afraid of America’s Judeo-Christian foundation or the mention of the name of God.

And for many, hope of making America great again became a reality and a reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving for the generations of blessings on this nation and its people.


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