NYT calls itself ‘the center’ while declaring election a rejection of Trump’s ‘hateful politics’


The New York Times declared itself in “the center” while failing to see the hypocrisy of its own attack on President Trump for “the politics of racial division.”

In an opinion piece on Tuesday following the election of Democrat Ralph Northam, the Virginia governor, the Times editorial board called the victory a “stinging and welcome rebuke to President Trump and white nationalism.”

Titled, “Virginia Rejects Your Hateful Politics, Mr. Trump,” the piece was tweeted out by the Times with the clear sub-headline, “Turns out the center can hold, after all.”

Calling Northam’s Republican rival, Ed Gillespie, “an establishment operative,” the editors leveled multiple insults and anything-but-center criticisms of Trump and his supporters.

The Times accused Gillespie of taking up “race-baiting” in the campaign and slammed Trump for calling Northam “weak on crime, weak on our GREAT VETS.”

“Mr. Gillespie’s choice to lay his principles on the altar of Trumpism made Mr. Northam’s win doubly important,” the editors declared,  “as a triumph over the politics of racial division, and as a lesson for other Republicans tempted to adopt Mr. Trump’s vile tactics as their own.”

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“Vile tactics,” “racial division” and “hateful politics” sound like language that is anything but “center.”

Twitter users called out the Times for its hypocritical finger-pointing.

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