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W. disputes Mama Bush’s remark Cheney pushed things ‘too far right’: He didn’t ‘make one f***ing decision’

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A new book on the relationship between President George H.W. Bush and his son, President George W. Bush, offered up some appetizing tidbits on how Barbara Bush viewed Dick Cheney.

Written by Mark K. Updegrove, “The Last Republicans” was written with the cooperation of the second father-and-son tandem to sit in the White House, and, to the surprise of few, the former presidents are apprehensive that President Donald Trump “has blown up a Republican Party,” as described by The New York Times.

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This being the “compassionate conservative” GOP built by the establishment wing.

But former first lady Barbara Bush made things a little more interesting when she spoke to Updegrove about Cheney, who served as her son’s vice president for eight years.

The elder Bush reportedly counseled his son to go with a new running mate in 2004 and his always outspoken wife let slip that she “wasn’t that fond” of Cheney because he pushed George W. “too far right,” but said Cheney was a changed man because of his health troubles.

SG Barbara Bush

“I do think he was different,” Mrs. Bush said. “I think his heart operation made a difference. I always liked him, but I didn’t like him so much for a while because I thought he hurt George.”

“I wasn’t that fond of him. I think he pushed things a little too far right,” she added.

Her son was not on board with the idea that he was being directed.

“The fact that there was any doubt in anyone’s mind about who the president was blows my mind,” the former president said.

Bush insisted that Cheney and defense secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld “didn’t make one f*cking decision.”

Not that Bush didn’t support Cheney, despite the former vice president’s ominous reputation.

“I understand the way the system works,” he said. “Somebody has to be the bad guy.”

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