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After bringing a stash of weapons into Trump tower, student will now be a ‘survivalist’ in jail

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A self-described “survivalist” is now faced with surviving 30 days up the river.

Alexander Wang, a 20-year-old CUNY student, was sentenced to 30 days in jail after being convicted Friday of taking a bag full of weapons into Trump Tower.

Wang was found guilty of weapons charges by Judge Steven Statsinger in a non-jury trial, the New York Post reported.

The student tried to enter the Fifth Ave. building that bears President Donald Trump’s name and houses his home and office on Dec. 12 with a suspicious collection of items, to include a knife, garrote, handcuffs, water gun, an M-100 firecracker and a black rope, The Post reported.

“I’m deeply concerned about the lack of judgment that would bring a person into Trump Tower with those items,” Statsinger said.

Assistant District Attorney Adam Birnbaum said a laptop in Wang’s bag had a “library of sadistic videos,” including violent video downloads of “terrorist acts,” The New York Daily Mail reported.

Wang, who did not pass “Go” and did not collect $200, was sent straight to jail to serve his 30-day sentence.

Tom Tillison


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