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Eric Holder: No problem with Comey’s early conclusions on Hillary’s server… he’s an ‘honest guy’

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Former Attorney General Eric Holder has no problem with James Comey making a decision on Hillary Clinton‘s server before even interviewing her since he is an “honest guy.”

The former FBI chief was already drafting a letter in 2016 exonerating Clinton of any wrongdoing while the federal investigation into her email server was still ongoing. But Holder took no issue with that, speaking with CNN’s Jake Tapper about Comey drafting a memo months before concluding the probe.

“He’s an honest guy, and the determination that he made and I think inappropriately announced, I think is based on the facts, based on his interpretation of the law, and it was nothing more than that,” Holder told the host of “The Lead.”

“It was a good-faith assessment by a person who I think has done a lot for this country,” he added.

Holder, who had previously criticized Comey’s handling of the investigation, defended the former FBI director for his early conclusions on Clinton.

“You can make determinations about where an investigation is likely to go before you actually speak to the subject of that investigation,” he told Tapper after the CNN host pressed again. “That inquiry had been underway for an extended period of time.”

President Trump tweeted about Comey’s draft letter on Wednesday.

Appointed attorney general by the Obama administration, Holder was replaced by Loretta Lynch by the time Comey was leading the FBI probe of Clinton’s server. His “guess” was that Comey understood the direction of the investigation before ever having spoken to Clinton.

Not exactly what one wants to hear about a supposed impartial and airtight law enforcement operation.

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“A lot of resources had been used,” Holder said. “A lot of people had been spoken to. A lot of documents had been reviewed. So you can get to, you know, pretty close to the end of an investigation and understand where you’re going to go with it before you actually talk to the subject of the investigation.”

Comey announced in July 2016 that despite the “extremely careless” handling of classified materials, he did not recommend criminal prosecution of the former secretary of state. Then U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who had had a secretive meeting with former President Bill Clinton, closed the case two days after Comey’s statement.

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