Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show feeds racism hype: Trump is telling white people ‘it’s okay not to hire black folks’

Cable news has come so unhinged in its hatred toward President Donald Trump that nothing is out of bounds.

…especially at MSNBC.

A segment on “PoliticsNation With Al Sharpton” featured ESPN columnist William C. Rhoden, who said on Sunday that President Donald Trump is telling white people “it’s okay” not to hire black people.

SG Rhoden

Sharpton, who seems to get worse at television the longer he does it, was focusing on the rise of activism in sports, based on the left-wing narrative taken as the gospel that millionaire players are being racially oppressed.

Rhoden offered his narrow-minded take on the recent flap involving ESPN’s Jemelle Hill, who called Trump a “white supremacist.”

Naturally, he sided with his sister in race, who Rhoden described as “a strong black woman.”

Not only did the award-winning sports columnist advocate for putting the color of one’s skin before their vocation, he made as egregious an accusation against Trump as Hill while claiming the sports industry “has become one the most racist pillars in our society.”

Talk about unhinged bias.

“I think one thing that [Jemelle Hill] is frustrated by and I am too is that our industry is so racist and the problem with the White House is that it’s created an atmosphere where they’re telling white folks ‘it’s okay,’” Rhodes said.

“It’s okay not to hire a black folk. It’s okay to grab your Confederate flag or Nazi flag,” he continued. “It’s okay to do.”

Rhoden followed that up with a promise to “fight fire with fire.”

“It’s economics,” he explained. “We’re going to start boycotting. We’re going to start boycotting the organizations who support our enemy.”


How’s that for militant rhetoric? Unfortunately, there was no clarification of exactly who Rhoden saw as the enemy.

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