Libs connect climate ‘deniers’ to racism with self-described ‘groundbreaking study’

Given the success the left has had playing the race card since the advent of Barack Obama on the national stage, why not apply it to the reeling progressive construct of climate change?

A new, self-described “groundbreaking study” by the University of Washington released this week shows that “people of color were consistently exposed to more air pollution than their white non-Hispanic counterparts.”

Who knew that pollution took on white supremacist characteristics?

The study, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Science Foundation, employed a “first-of-its-kind model” to predict pollution at neighborhood levels throughout the United States.

And the culprit, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), has deadly consequences for people of color — the study concluded that “if people of color had breathed the lower NO2 levels experienced by whites in 2010, it would have prevented an estimated 5,000 premature deaths from heart disease among the nonwhite group.”

Sources of NO2 named were vehicle exhaust, power plants and off-road equipment.

“The finding that shocks us is that when it comes to how much NO2 a person breathes, it’s still race that matters,” said senior author Julian Marshall, UW professor of civil and environmental engineering.

“At any income level — low to medium to high — there’s a persistent gap by race, which is completely indefensible. It says a lot about how segregated neighborhoods still are and how things are segregated.”

Or, to the chagrin of the sustainable development crowd, proponents of urban living, the study may suggest that living in crowded inner-cities is not all that healthy for people.

Shudder at the thought… and it didn’t take a high-falutin’ university study to come up with that conclusion.

The study explained that “racial minorities and low-income households are disproportionately likely to live near a major road where transportation-related pollution is typically highest.”

But in noting that U.S. cities “tend to be more segregated by race and ethnicity than by income,” the UW study suggests people of color are making the choice not to alter their living arrangements.

…perhaps to avoid living with the evil white man.

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Tom Tillison


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