Jesse Watters has a rad new motto for FBI after news Hillary probe was ‘more rigged than a carnival game’

Fox News’ Jesse Watters dropped a zinger of a one-liner on Friday while discussing reports that then-FBI Director James Comey drafted a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton before the bureau completed the investigation.

“The Five” guest host Lisa Boothe kicked things off by echoing an observation popular with many.

“I don’t trust Jim Comey as far as I could throw him, which is not far, because he’s extraordinarily tall,” Boothe said.

“You can go through and look at things that he has said that aren’t backed up by facts,” she continued. “He has repeatedly either given blatant lies or misleading statements.”

Watters then weighed in, staying true to the lack of trust theme.

“I think the FBI should change its motto to ‘I’m With Her,’” he said in jest. “This thing is more rigged than a carnival game.”

Watters detailed a litany of reasons why the whole thing smacks of corruption.

“If you add the exoneration letter to the tarmac meeting, to the Lynch interference, to pleading the fifth, to wiping the server clean, to smashing Blackberries with hammers, it is the most corrupt situation you could ever imagine,” he said. “They have a lot of work to regain any credibility.”

Naturally, co-host Juan Williams defended Comey, saying “we don’t know the entirety of the story.”

He noted that there had been “nine months of investigations” before Comey’s draft, dismissing any nefarious motive by saying the former FBI director is “an inveterate note-taker and writer.”

…which was quickly shot down by Kennedy.

“But you can’t take notes on interviews you haven’t already conducted,” she said.

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