Former jihadist on Islamic terrorists: ‘A lot of these guys just need girlfriends’

It’s enough to make a goat nervous…

In the aftermath of a van running into a crowds of people in Barcelona, killing 13 and injuring over 100, a former radical jihadist said Islamic terrorists just need girlfriends.

…of course, that’s no easy task given the way the 7th century savages treat women.

Mubin Shaikh appeared on “Fox & Friends” Saturday to say he expected to see ISIS using “small man teams to commit coordinated attacks simultaneously,” as was the case in last week’s attack.

He explained that the terrorist network in Europe is like an iceberg, where the mass underneath the water is much larger than the exposed tip.

And when asked to explain the mentality of Islamic extremists committing terrorist attacks, Shaikh offered a surprising response.

“It’s almost like a running joke where a lot of these guys just need girlfriends,” he said.

“I’m not trying to minimize it or lighten it,” he added. “The reality is that it’s because of nature and nurture. .. Hate is something taught, is something learned, and it can be unlearned.”

Shaikh proceeded to liken Islamic terrorists to white supremacists.

“You see this across the board whether it’s you know, white supremacists or jihadists, hyper-masculinity,” he stated. “This idea that this is what makes you a real man, to be violent, to kill, kill in the name of God on top of that.”

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