Judge orders new search into Hillary Clinton emails … and a COMPLETE search this time

A Judicial Watch senior attorney hopes that after two years of stonewalling by the State Department, new orders by a federal judge will force the agency to finally produce Benghazi related emails and records.

Ramona Cotca, an attorney for the watchdog group, told Fox News it is “unbelievable” that five years after the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate that left four Americans dead, they are still trying to gather all related documents.

A federal judge ruled last week that the State Department had not properly searched for all relevant documents pertaining to the attack that occurred  under Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State in the Obama administration. The court ordered the Department to search its own servers for emails from top Clinton aides that were related to the event.

That ruling is part of the Freedom of Information Act request filed by Judicial Watch back in 2015.

“The State Department has continued to stonewall with regard to compiling all the records about Benghazi,” Cotca said on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” explaining how the lawsuit request for all of Clinton’s emails related to the attack resulted in searches through her emails and those of her senior aides, including former deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, former chief of staff Cheryl Mills, and Jacob Sullivan, former director of policy planning.

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“But, incredibly, they refused to search their own record keeping, from their own server,” Cotca said. “We don’t have a complete set yet of all of her (Clinton’s) emails” as the released records to this date were “hand-selected” by the former secretary of  state’s attorneys.

“The court finds that State’s search was inadequate insofar as it did not search the official state.gov e-mail accounts of Secretary Clinton’s three aides, and orders State to conduct a supplemental search of those accounts,” the ruling stated, according to The Hill.

The State Department must update the court on its supplemental search by Sept. 22.

“This is a very straightforward search. This search does not take more than a day,” Cotca explained.

“Hopefully the State Department will be forthcoming,” she added. “They should have done this two years ago when we filed the lawsuit.”

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